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When your spouse gets a new job with a new team in a new town, you get to live the joy of moving your family and your household around the country. Again. And again. And again and again and again.

That means new schools, doctors, vets, hair salons...basically an entirely new set of resources. We get it. We’ve done it. And we’d like to share what we’ve already learned about the town you’re getting ready to move to. Why? Because we’ve been where you are and some help would have been great.

Ours is a community like no other. And if you haven’t lived it, you just can’t get it. Which is why we’ve also included insights from others who’ve lived it, as well as industry professionals. Here we are, for you, your family and your sanity.

This site does not share your information with anyone.

We value your personal information just as we value our own. We do not share it with anyone else, ever. This is purely about trusted resources being made available only to trusted friends.

Have some great relocation resources to share?

Excellent. That's exactly the kind of information that makes this site work. No matter what city you're in, if you'd like to tell us about a favorite mover, doctor, school system, personal trainer, naturopath, day care--whatever it is, feel free to let us know. Just click here to send a message directly to Living Pro Sports founder, Lori Warhop.


The woman behind it all

So I get the job interview…

My possible new boss and I are chatting.
He pulls out my resume and looks at it. He looks at me. He looks back at my resume. And...
I know my resume looks like this: A year in New Mexico with a sales job. A year unemployed living in London. A year in Dallas. And now, this move to Boston.
He finally says...
“Your resume concerns me. I hate to say this, but it looks like you’re running from the law. Is there something you’d like to share with me before we get started?”
I say, “Well, two border states, a trip abroad and a move to the northeast does look suspicious...But I’m really just married to a football coach.”
He bursts out laughing.
He hires me on the spot.
If only everything about this lifestyle were so simple…

Lori Warhop

My name is Lori Warhop, and I've moved 15 times in 32 years.

My husband, George, is currently the Offensive Line Coach for the Houston Texans. Prior to this, we've lived in Jacksonville, Tampa, Cleveland, San Francisco, Dallas (twice), St. Louis, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Boston, Nashville, London and Kansas City. College ball. Pro ball. Even NFL Europe. Somehow, we've made this gypsy marriage work for 32 years.

In the pro sports lifestyle, almost everything is out of your control.
For a habitual planner like me, there’s never an opportunity to plan anything. You never know what your choices are going to be. You’re moving the family all the time. 

And moving is very stressful.
Even more so if you’re not a born risk-taker. There’s a lot of uncertainty in it. You don’t know what kind of community you’re going to live in. You’re not sure who the people are that you’re going to meet.

Living this lifestyle is what inspired Living Pro Sports.
This website is a planned community online. A comprehensive guide to wherever you’re moving next, who’s there, who’s who and what’s what.

Living Pro Sports is about the things you need every day of your life to function.
And to function well—especially with a family that has to be moved as frequently as every year.

Are you moving to a new town?
If so, it helps to have a friend who’s already been there ahead of you and can give you the lay of the land.

And that’s the point of Living Pro Sports:
To give pro sports families a friend who’s been there, done that and is ready to share. Founder, Lori Warhop.

Thanks for visiting.
We're looking forward to going where no man or woman has gone before: on the internet with a site that makes it much, much easier to relocate the family of a pro sports coach or athlete.

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