Lori Warhop

Lori Warhop
"Just when you feel as though you’re settling into your new life in a new city, off you go. Looking back at more than 25 years of this, maybe it would have made better sense to just live in an RV."

--Lori Warhop

Lori Warhop is resourceful and prone to idealism. That’s largely why this project exists. That, and the fact that she’s been married to NFL offensive line coach George Warhop since 1990. If you understand this life, you know what more than a quarter-century of marriage to a professional football coach means: the moving company is on speed dial.

Lori considers her single greatest accomplishment to be raising two adaptable, kind and compassionate children who each possess a strong moral compass. She recognizes how, in this profession, children and families can often become collateral damage. Preventing such fallout means that a lot of work falls on the woman who married into pro sports. Hence, the need for this site—designed to provide logistical resources as much as ideas and insights from both professionals and community members.

Over the years, Lori has become a Jack of all trades and master of none, and wisely chooses to avoid working with gas, electricity or toilet plumbing. She loves a well-written book, and hopes to be proficient in Italian before she dies. Her disposition is serious and quiet and she considers herself stiff, yet some people (more than others) find her funny. Lori values all life except for scorpions, cockroaches and mosquitoes.

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