Cindi Cross

Cindi knows how to move stuff—and people. A 20-year veteran of the relocation industry, she is the brains behind Cross Global Management. Her experience building and maintaining a supplier network gives her the ability to make the kind of connections we rely on and trust. Additionally, Cindi’s personal insight into the effects moving has on the families being moved informs her mission of providing superior service in a stressful time.
With a track record of managing more than 10,000 domestic and international moves, Cindi understands what it takes to get things done, follow up on everything, and ensure it all goes as promised. 
     Cindi does the stuff most of us can’t wrap our heads around. From managing third-party relocation services implementation to assisting relocation supplier selection, from day-to-day management to ongoing performance metrics for all services, from invoicing and audits, to cost negotiation and program choices, from supplier evaluations to RFI/RFP...well, you get the picture. 
     Cindi is also principal of Cross Global Surveyors LLC. This covers all the things you don’t want to do, like working with insurers and other relocation partners, storage, packaging, stowage, pre-shipment condition surveys, loading and unloading, delivery surveys,    damage and loss surveys and investigations, loss adjusting, subrogation against third  parties…again, you get the picture.
     Cindi is by far one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. A former competitive rower who once sold water ski boats to territories in the deep south, she considers her greatest accomplishment to be mainstreaming her autistic son who just made the high-school varsity football team, and plans on a career in marine biology.

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