Dr. Yolanda Bruce Brooks

Dr. Yolanda Bruce Brooks, a clinical and sports psychologist, is the founder and principal of Sports Life Transitions® Programs and Services.

In the sports industry, Dr. Brooks has a lengthy history as a professional development and clinical consultant to corporate and sports executives, professional and amateur athletes, their families and numerous organizations. In addition to her clinical and consulting roles, she has served in the capacity of educational instructor, personal coach, transition specialist and designer of work-lifestyle programs for athletes and their families. Her objective is to help current or former athletes and their families sustain well-balanced lifestyles while obtaining optimal success both in sport and in life. She is especially passionate about family and parenting issues in youth sports as well as high stress, highprofile lifestyles.

As a former Senior Director of Player Development for the National Basketball Association, Dr. Brooks was responsible for providing day-to-day support to the league's team-level player focused professional development programs and initiatives where she also operated as an intervention specialist for critical issues and incidents. Prior to assuming the NBA role she was engaged in National Football League efforts at the national and team levels. This included coordination of the development and implementation of a nationally recognized model program for the world-famous Dallas Cowboys football team, where she served as a Director for over seven years.

Dr. Brooks has extensive experience in designing and implementing performance based programs incorporating strategies for contemporary athletes’ learning styles in a technology driven society.  For over 15 years, her 
well-known Sports Life Transitions® Program addressed the needs of transitioning athletes. In recent years, she incorporated mental conditioning strategies into her existing program platforms incorporating evidence based, culturally contexted mindset and performance enhancement training. She continues to develop strategies, tools and resources to empower athletes, teams and individuals toward greater sustained success.

An author on the subject of family/life transitions, her energetic style and innovative approach make her a frequently requested speaker and radio guest with regular appearances on a regional television station.  She has worked with athletes from pee-wee to the pros and with sports organizations from the locker room to the league level. Along the way, she has worked with coaches, parents, medical staff, general managers, owners and commissioners and their families.  As a former athlete, she can relate to many of the challenges athletes experience and consequently offers a very unique sports perspective.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Brooks works as a medical provider to active duty and veteran service men and women. She believes it is an honor and privilege to serve those who have sacrificed in service to our country.
Dr. Brooks is a graduate of The Ohio State University (B.S. Occupational Therapy) and Wright State University (Psy.D. Clinical Psychology -School of Professional Psychology).

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