We Don't Take a Trip...

by Lori Warhop

We Don't Take a Trip...

I recently had a conversation with my sister who is preparing for her first trip abroad to celebrate her wedding anniversary. She is a worried tangle of emotions and her mind is residing in a state of “What if.”   What if we lose our passports? What if something bad happens? What if the kids need us and we aren’t here?

On.  And on.  And on.

I just finished reading Travels with Charley: In Search of America by John Steinbeck. It is a 3 month account of his road trip to meet the America he is known for writing with his dog, Charley, as his only companion. It is filled with his regional experiences of the places and people he meets along the way. The answer to her angst, I was hoping, was in one of his simple but profound observations:  “We don’t take a trip; A trip takes us.”  I sent it to her in a text. The response was almost magical. “Oh my gosh! What a great mindset, thank you!”,  she replied.  Those 9 words caused an immediate shift in perspective.  The conversations changed to “I can’t wait to see…”, “I can’t wait to learn about…”, “I can’t wait to experience…”

If a move is on your horizon, please pause for a moment and ask yourself:  Where will this next move take us? Will it take your spouse to their perfect job? Will it take your children to a school where they feel, for the first time, they can make a contribution? Will it take you to your best friend? Will it take you to the degree you weren’t able to finish until now? The possibilities are endless.

Are the kids less optimistic about the move? Check out our newest partner, Little Passports.  A fun and creative tool we can use to engage, encourage and inspire them to look forward to the next adventure of their life in a new city or country.  Little Passports has offered a free 6 month subscription, for yourself or a friend,  to the LivingProSports member that shares the site the most.  Go to "My Account" (top right side of the Home page), enter the name and email of the person you wish to invite.  Little Passports can always be found at the General Resources tab and is listed under Book Recommendations.

Let the adventures begin.  

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