Asset & Liability Protection

by Lori Warhop

Asset & Liability Protection

If you don’t have an umbrella policy, run, don’t walk to get one.  It is an important and often overlooked piece when protecting your assets and liability.  

We all know the story of what happens when you become a professional athlete or coach.  

Cousins you never knew you had come calling.  The barber that cut your hair as a child needs a favor.  You suddenly have so many more friends you can’t count them all.  

Not everyone in your life is an opportunist but be prepared for those who might be.

“What if your child invites a friend over to play and your dog takes a little snip at the friend?”  Do you know that family well?  Might they look at that incident, claim negligence and sue you because you are an athlete?  

Be prepared for real life.  Check our website for trusted agents that can help.  

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