Tips & Lunch During a Move

by Cindi Cross

Tips & Lunch During a Move

If you feel the packing, loading and or delivery crews are doing a great job and you want to do something nice, it is always appreciated when the homeowner buys lunch for the crew. 

Good movers work very hard and they are grateful if they don’t have to leave the job to go find lunch. That said, you never have to feel you must get the movers lunch. Movers don’t expect that they will receive lunch on the job, but they are very thankful when the homeowner offers to get it for them while they continue to work. Providing water and/or a Gatorade type drink to your moving crew is always appreciated as well.

Tips should be given if you believe that the packing crew, driver and loading crew, and or driver and delivery crew has done a good job. There is no set percentage to tip the crews and you can give what you feel is appropriate. The packing crew will have a lead packer and you can either tip the lead packer and ask them to share the tip amongst the crew or you can tip each person. 

For the driver and the crew that help them you can either tip the driver and ask them to share the tip amongst the crew or you can tip each person. When it comes to the driver, it is important to remember that they are truly responsible for how well your shipment is loaded and delivered. The driver is responsible for proper loading and proper unloading and they carry the majority of the responsibility so the percentage of the tip that goes to the driver should be greater than the percentage to the crews. 

 A typical breakdown can look like this:  Packing crew $35-$55 each depending on the size of the house.  Driver at delivery should get $100 and helpers $50 each. These numbers are flexible as a one bedroom apartment is a very different in scale and man power than a family of 5.  

The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to buy lunch or tip, but good movers work very hard and they are appreciative of what you do for them. 

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